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About Us

Our Mission Statement

I’ve heard enough stories from my friends to know that all mothers experience this – babies tugging on necklaces, bracelets and earrings, chewing on beads or thumbing through the baubles. It might be better than yanking on your hair or pulling off your glasses, but if your precious jewellery can’t stand up to the mighty grip of a nine-month old, what can you do?

I set up Crown Chewels to solve your problem – and help you feel stylish at the same time! I didn’t stop loving fashion when my baby was born; and neither should you. I was upset that I had to stop wearing my collection of stylish accessories, as my baby could not get enough of playing with every necklace or bracelet I wore. Teething rings were an uninspiring option, so I decided to stop being bored, and got to work designing and developing a line of fashion accessories that would keep me and other mums looking great – but be enjoyable for baby as well. Crown Chewels was born – and I hope you enjoy them!


Our Products Are


Includes at least one non-toxic, safety tested silicone teether


Is made wholly from unique non-toxic elements that are safe for baby to chew


Looks like a piece of jewellery that any woman would be happy to wear – anytime

Mums – and their many admirers, whether partners, family or friends – are always awestruck by the key element that distinguishes Crown Chewels. At first glance no-one would ever guess it was a baby-chewable necklace! Forget boring donuts on a string, mums will be happy to wear Crown Chewels anytime, whether baby is wrapped in mum’s loving arms or safely wrapped up in bed while mum slips out for the night!

We believe it’s time that mums are entitled to as much pampering as our babies (we deserve it!). So treat yourself – or your partner, best friend, sister, work colleague – to the perfect gift, a fabulous Crown Chewels necklace.